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Parliament of the World's Religions 2009:

Global New Thought Goes to Melbourne as a Unified Movement


All ten major New Thought organizations collaborated for the first time to participate as a unified force in the Parliament of the World's Religions 2009. This exciting evolution toward greater cooperation allows us to present ourselves as a unique movement on the international stage.

Goals for New Thought as a Unified Movement

The organizations within New Thought are evolving toward collaborative models that have not been possible in the past. We are also reaching out beyond our own spiritual community to form relationships with other faith communities and to be of practical service to the world at large. Taken together, this trend toward greater internal cooperation and global outreach calls us to develop new strategies for presenting a unified identity on the international stage.

New Thought Legacy: Universal Purpose / Unique Identity

It’s in the “DNA” of New Thought to exemplify commitment to a larger purpose that is based in divine consciousness while preserving the unique gifts and free expression of our individual voices as communities within the whole. At the Parliament of the World’s Religion in 2009, the family of New Thought organizations hopes to weave an experience of program, presence, and participation that allows us to honor that legacy by sharing our individual missions, and offering new models for spiritual activism as a unified community.

New Thought Coalition: Melbourne 2009

Assn. for Global New Thought
Agape International
Affiliated New Thought Network
Hillside International Truth Center
International New Thought Alliance
Religious Science International
United Centers for Spiritual Living
Unity Worldwide Ministries (Formerly Association for Unity Churches International)
Universal Foundation for Better Living