São Paulo

Tonia Van Acker  

Associação Palas Athena               


"Open Doors"

A project aimed at male teenagers living in violent districs. Starting by a "capoeira" practice (traditional African dance/martial art) and then introducing talks by doctors, reading practice and theatre in order to rescue this population from violence. In partnership with the São Paulo City Government.


"Humanization of Health Services"

Seminars for the Public Health

Service professionals (doctors, nurses, attendants, administrators). In partnership with UNESCO and the São Paulo City Government.


"Priceless Values and Gandhi and non-violence"

Seminars for the teachers of the Public Net of Schools, in order to give them tools to manage and decrease violence within the classroom and in the comunity. A partnership with UNESCO and the São Paulo City Government.



Ont. Scarborough         

Glenn Sheppard 




It is our pleasure to introduce Peacezine, an online, international, Internet magazine dedicated to fostering world peace. We are a non-profit organization relying on voluntary contributors for the content of the magazine. We have volunteer journalists from Fiji, the Ukraine, U.S.A. and contacts in Turkey, Great Britain, Morocco, Jordan, Norway as well as many other nations around the world.  We believe in aggressive "marketing" of a sustainable world peace to establish it as a social norm.  We believe that that a non-violent society cannot be attained without recognition of self, leading to a better understanding and tolerance of others.  We believe in a policy of non-interference as it applies to the affairs of nations. Our method will centre on educating individuals in the way of peace. We will be corresponding with religious and government leaders, journalists, students and others to ask them for submissions. It is not our intention to censor this material but to present it in the most balanced, positive and proactive method possible.




Wanda Gail Campbell                             



“Distribute 64 Days/Ways”

We plan to distribute the 64 principles daily practice pamphlet to all attendees who desire one.


“Students Drama for Peace”

A group of artistic teens is planning to create a SNV display at the public library for February.  Maybe we'll also do the children's play One Day of Peace if we can coordinate it timely. 




Michelle Medrano Wentker

New Vision Center   



“The Fast Track”

"Fast Track" will challenge people from the beginning of the program to "fast" from violent TV, movies and news watching addiction!


“Prayer Vigils with Local Police Dept.”

We are working with the Police in the City to choose an area of town that is typically experiencing many levels of violence, and then we will do a prayer vigil targeting that area for a certain period of time and see if the violence really does decrease through the power of prayer.


“Small Group Dialogues: Building Bridges for Peace”

Small groups take place in homes through the Season where participants will be invited to ask friends and acquaintences to participate to build bridges of peace


“Interfaith Dialogues”

We are hoping to host some interfaith dialogues, peaceful movie nights, and workshops on forgiveness (With Michael Wickett) and Non-Violent Communication.



Rev. Gerry Straatemeier       

Science of Mind of Tucson             



“Peace Theme Art to International Children”

It is our intention to send art with peace themes from Tucson children to children in other countries through a Global Art Project.  This entails setting up some Saturday or Sunday afternoons for children and youth from various groups and no group to gather some large place and do the art together. 


“Backpack Project”

There is a backpack project for Romanian street children, now "released" from orphanages at age 12 and living in sewers.  It is being organized by a 16 year old Florida boy, whose mother is a long-time e-friend of mine.  Nick was adopted at age 5 from a Romanian orphanage, and was torn up when he saw the TV reports of the conditions his early peers were living in.  The backpacks contain warm hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and the like, and each backpack has a tag attached picture of the person or persons who sent it.  This is because these children have never, never, known a family, or had anyone care about them but their friends in like circumstance.   A connection to someone who cared enough to send a package of warmth, even a picture of a far away someone, can mean something to hold onto, something to dream about, concrete evidence that there is goodness in the world.  I would like us to communicate with all local churches, synagogues, mosques, etc., to mobilize their youth groups, and collect both filled backpacks and funds to ship them.   If by chance the faith community decided to celebrate peace and justice with a fundraiser or educational project during the Season as a way to raise funds for their project, well, so much the better, we can help them with educational materials and publicity.



Mt. Shasta               

Rev. Ruth Ackerman             

Mt. Shasta Center for Positive Living     



"64 Ways for 64 Days Program"

During the Season- Nonviolent Communication Skills Building sessions, Elemenary School use of 64 Ways for 64 Days program.


Don Marx              

Community Peacemakers     



"Street Safe Kids Month"

Launch of KIDS are Street Safe Campaign                March 2002 and Beyond:

Street Safe Kids Month is focused on developing partnerships between kids, families, neighborhoods and communities regarding health and safety issues. Street Safe Kids are self-esteem and self-awareness building programs for kids of all ages.  Program focus is on developing partnerships between kids and parents or adults. KIDS are Street Safe Campaign is focused on
developing grassroots connections to include Street Safe Kids in neighborhoods and communities.


Redwood City                      

Rev. Dr.  Susanne Freeborn              

Emerson Online Studies AND Emerson Center for Spiritual Awakening           



"Peace Principles"

Peace Principles are daily messages containing quotations from such brilliant lights as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohandas K. Gandhi, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Emmet Fox, James Allen, Einstein, and many others.  Peace Principles are meant to assist participants in visualizing and focusing their meditations, contemplations, on Peace on a daily basis.  Peace Principles are not limited to the duration of the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence, but are an ongoing service ministry that shall continue until lasting Peace is realized.


Simi Valley                           

Michelle McClure

Simi Valley Relgious Science Center for Positive Living               



"64 Ways for 64 Days to Practice Nonviolence" Poster distribution

Distributed   over 2000 64 Ways for 64 Days to Practice Nonviolence Poster to every church, social service agency, school & most businesses in Simi Valley, with a cover letter explaining the SNV.


"SNV Art & Writing Contest"

Distributed 16,000+ contest entry forms for "Season for Nonviolence Art & Writing Contests" to all public & private elementary schools and The Boys and Girls Club.


"SNV Lessons"

Youth Minister Rev. Susan Hulton presenting SNV  lessons during the SNV  to all youth at our Center.




Sheryl Jai                Unity Church of Diamond Head   



"Coat of Many Colors"

The local school children will be working on a Cloth of Many Colors to present to James during the event, so their participation will begin Jan first.


"Mayoral Proclamation"

The Mayor Jeremy Harris has issued a proclamation, given us free space at the largest most accessible park in the area for our first event (the event is free to the public). 


"Promote Any Peace Group"

We will promote any other group that is involved in gathering people to

learn about peace in any way as the season progresses. 




Mickey Muldoon


Youth for Social Action at Evanston Township High School          


"Green Armband Project"

Starting on 10/22/01. Y.S.A members will be selling green armbands to raise money for the Targeted Arab and Muslim Defense Fund. This fund will provide money to help those who fall victim to hate crimes and those who may be arrested and charged for exercising first amendment rights. These green armbands will probably go for about $1 and will be sold in and around Evanston Township High School.


"Arab and Muslim Defense"

Ongoing. Y.S.A will be holding fundraising events for the above mentioned defense fund. A benefit concert is in the planning, and an in-school bake sale is being set up. We will be disseminating information about the US governments new restrictions on the civil liberties of US residents.

"War Education Teach-ins"

Ongoing. Y.S.A has hosted two teach-ins to educate students about issues relating to the "war on terrorism." The first was about media and war, and the other about US foreign policy in the Middle East. We plan to continue hosting teach-ins at the school during the next few months.  Upcoming teach-ins will be on terrorism, changes in US civil liberties, Islam and anti-US sentiment, and others yet to be announced. Watch the upcoming events and news sections of the site for the dates and times of upcoming teach-ins.



Rev. Argentina Glasgow               

Detroit Unity Temple 



"Forgiveness: A Spiritual Key For All Seasons"

In January of 2001 Detroit Unity Temple began a year long emersion in Forgiveness.  Our theme for the year was called, "Forgiveness: A Spiritual Key For All Seasons". We learned about forgiveness during our pastor's Sunday Lessons; we were inspired by guest speakers; we experienced forgiveness processes during several forgiveness workshops and practiced forgiveness in our everyday lives.  The center-piece of the year was our forgiveness workbook entitled "Forgiveness: A Work In Progress".  The workbook is a tool developed by members of Detroit Unity Temple to be used to help people focus their forgiveness activities.  The momentum started in 2001 has propelled continued forgiveness activity into 2002 with a Forgiveness Forum held the fourth Sunday of each month, support of a  complementary project called Letters For Peace and plans to recognize and celebrate International Forgiveness Day this summer.  At Detroit Unity Temple forgiveness has been a fundamental part of our outlook, behavior, prosperity and peace.  We have experienced first hand that forgiveness is truly a spiritual key for all seasons.


"Letter Of Peace"

We also have a second project called "Letter Of Peace" that started after the September 11, 2001 event by a member of our congregation.  She has preprinted stationaries that include a release statement to be signed on the opposite side. A book is currently in process.  A peace box receptacle is professional printed along with the stationary and are ready upon request.


"Letters of Peace"

Help heal the world with your "Letters of Peace," now.  Join people of all ages, races, faiths, and ethnic origins in writing letters of peace from your hearts to the world, "flooding the universe with a consciousness of PEACE instead of...war."  You may use official "peace stationery" (call us) or your own. Send your letter(s) to: LETTERS OF PEACE, C/O DETROIT UNITY TEMPLE, 17505 SECOND AVENUE, DETROIT, MI 48203.  Be a "Peace Ambassador" by passing the word to others and encouraging them to write their letters of peace.  Your letter may be selected to become part of an upcoming book of letters that will travel around the world to help others hold a consciousness of peace.  See the reverse side of your peace stationery to give permission. Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, other places of worship, businesses, institutions, schools, organizations are asked to be "Peace Centers" by housing "peace receptacles", stationery and information.


Lee's Summit      

Rev. Sharon Connors               

Unity Village Chapel  



"Middle School Essays Contest on Nonviolence" 

Two local middle schools took part in an essay contest on nonviolence. One winner from each school was invited to the Unity Chapel to read their winning essays for the congregation and community.



Lynne Scheiter

Center for Conscious Living



"World Peace Sunday"

The first Sunday of every month has been designed "World Peace Sunday" and we do peace meditation as a congregation...about 125 people. The creation of CCL Peacemakers insures that peace efforts will continue year round with the goal of raising the consciousness of peace among citizens of New Jersey and radiating it out into the entire world.



Santa Fe      

Michael Dickerson            

Heart Song Institute, Heart Song Ministry

(505) 473-0952   


"64 Days in 64 Ways Communications"              

An online discussion and support group for anyone who chooses to participate in Gandhi & King: A Season for Nonviolence.   Quotations, ideas, announcements, and suggested projects will be posted.



New York                 

Monica Willard    

Interfaith Center of New York         

212-685-4242  xt. 19  


"Internet Reminders"

Internet reminders, designed to be sent out daily to any number who sign up for it.  We have a brilliant Internet person who is willing to share the idea with anyone, especially since we mostly using the material from the kit.  Credits will reflect the source.  The getting out the message is what we are really working to accomplish.


"Picture This"

A bulletin board for the Season of Nonviolence.  Take a picture of it and send it to the Interfaith Center of NY.  All pictures will be shared as part of an idea sharing via the website.  (Maybe there will be an educational publication interested in this.) Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation in return for the photo.


"Pieces of Peace"

Pieces of Peace.  Using the number 64 we decided to set the size for this project as 8" squares decorated in anyway you want to show your commitment to the Season for Nonviolence.  Some of the squares (8?) will be explained and placed onto a bigger paper/bulliten board/screen at the UN.




Alma Turner

Celebration of Church of Life



"SNV Candlelight Prayers"

Churches and members of many faiths participate weekly in the Season for Nonviolence, Jan 30 to April 4th, 2002. 

The Practice: (1) To Light a Candle during the Sunday Service or Celebration,

(2) Physically elevate the candle to symbolically raise it in consciousness, (3) Read the Prayer for the Week as all churches will be doing the same thing (holding in consciousness The possibility for Peace and Nonviolence Now.

(4) Invite the congregation to daily light a candle and read the prayer for that week, expanding the consciousness of Peace and Nonviolence globally.  Reproduce the prayers and include them in the Sunday bulletins.




Rev. Frances Lancaster                             



"Songs for Peace CD"

Moving On from 2002       We are putting together a CD called Songs for Peace which includes Rosie Lovejoy's song, I Forgive. We ended the Season with a Peace Covenant which includes our purpose as Peace, a Vision statement and at least 3 intentions to carry out our vision.



Bonnie Lock        

A Season for Nonviolence, Philadelphia        



"Read In!  Reach Out!"

A group of SNV Task Force volunteers will be "pal-ing" with the Police Athletic League of Greater Reading in an exploration to help expand (to Phila? to other cities through other SNV task forces?) the center's Read In! Reach Out! program, a 5 year collaborative effort to increase community literacy by mobilizing groups of diverse volunteers to facilitate reading groups (for 1 day or 6, 8, or 12 week periods) focusing on educational activities celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. and his philosophy of peaceful conflict resolution, community service, and diversity. Sponsored by Sovereign Bank, Corporation for National Service, PAL, United Way, and Higher Education Council of Berks County.


"Pieces of Peace, Picture This, and I Have a Dream Projects for Children and Schools"

Children of all ages and schools are invited to submit representations of peace and nonviolence through art, poetry, song, a letter or photo capturing their participation in promoting peace or nonviolence, or a short written speech or essay modeled after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Had a Dream speech.  Art submissions are subject to an 8" by 8" rule and will be put together in a collage displayed at the April 10th SNV closing event at the UN. Other submissions will be featured on the Embracing the Child website ( and will be used with permission to promote next year's SNV campaign.  Materials are available upon request to assist schools in creating bulletin boards on peace and nonviolence which can be photographed to represent your school's participation.


"Community Outreach"

This is an ongoing effort to promote the Season and to let the local community know resources can be made available to speak about SNV or nonviolence.  Outreach is accomplished through members' personal networking via e-mail and attendance at community activities.  Made "official" SNV presentations to 2 local church communities in January; will be partnering shortly with a local Earth Charter Summit task force meeting monthly to explore ways to marry the themes of peace/nonviolence and the Earth and to help promote the Earth Charter and Earth Charter projects as well as Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots program locally.