São Paulo

Tonia Van Acker  

Associação Palas Athena               

“Gandhi Week”

One week of activities, conferences and celebrations in honor of Mahatma Gandhi. This year, Shri Ravindra Varma, president of the Gandhi Peace Foundation gave us the privilege of his presence, and spoke to large audiences in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo during the month of October.


“Peace Wants Partners”

Agua Branca Park


Sharing, simpler living, and cooperation. These principles inspired musicians, poets, artists, dancers, actors, teachers, and monitors in the creation of the Peace Wants Partners project; an outdoor happening with many different expressions, where body, heart, and soul are invited to have fun, learn, think, and play with other people.

The team is made up of 68 volunteers that accepted the challenge of creating a cost free week end full of activities. The resources needed for carrying out the activities were provided by cooperation within the team members, avoiding excess and waste.




Rev. Catherine Allon      

Religious Science Center of Toronto             




“Opening Ceremony for SNV”

Metro Hall Rotunda

55 John Street

Toronto, Canada

7:30 pm

Please join us on this launch for this community project to raise awareness about the principles and practices of nonviolence.

Performances by Brent and Liam Titcomb, Elizabeth Paddon, Shelley Hamilton, Howard Jerome, Emilio Zarris, Posawawajeck, Jude Ross and the Rosedale Heights Dance Group.


Tourrettes Sur Loup

Anne Naylor         

Forgiveness Project  

33 493 59 29 22


“International Forgiving Day”

Place: Around the World

Time: Up to individuals

The Event is something of a spiritual Spring Cleaning for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere; to take the  opportunity for releasing the pain and conflict of the past;  to re-connect with our inner wisdom and powers of healing;  to come into reconciliation with ourselves and others with whom we may have lost our peace;  to free ourselves from feeling victim to the inadequacies of ourselves or any others; A Day when we step away from blame and shame and walk into the power of our loving Spirit.

United States



Wanda Gail Campbell                             




“One Nation....One World...One God”

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

625 Airport Road

6:30 PM

Our task force has planned a community event in cooperation with the National Conference for Community and Justice and the Interfaith Mission Service: A service of prayer, reflection, music, drama and affirmation.



“Hiroshima Flame Walk”

Oscar Mason Center

Huntsville, AL


Community potluck meeting.




Michelle Medrano Wentker

New Vision Center   




“Sermons for Peace”

New Vision Center

11050 N. 96th St.

Scottsdale, AZ

Sermon Series beginning 2/2 through 3/31 about promoting peace with: self, in relationships, Families, Community, City, Country, World, with God/the Universal, and an overview


Rev. Gerry Straatemeier       

Science of Mind of Tucson             




“All-night Peace Vigil”

Science of Mind Center

4500 E. Speedway, ste 15

An all-night peace vigil leading up to the World Healing Meditation, which is celebrated the world over at 12:00 Greenwich time, 5am our time.  This year we will have a jazz concert, art, singing, chanting, drumming, Sufi dancing, and the like.   People of all faiths and those of no particular faith are warmly invited, and we are actively seeking people who will facilitate a portion of the evening's festivities with a participatory activity.  Please also bring food and drink to share.  This event is free.  Donations will be requested at the concert to help fund the Season activities this year. 



“Annual March Celebrating MLK's Birthday”

Reid Park

We will all participate in and support the annual march and Reid Park festival celebrating MLK's birthday in January.  We can walk with a banner "Gandhi-King Season for Non-Violence,"  and bring materials to advertise our various organizational and community peace and justice events and projects. 



“Peace Theme Art Booth at Tucson Peace Fair”

Tuscon, AZ

We are participating in the Tucson Peace Fair, an annual event already for many years, where we will host a booth for children to create a mural on canvas to send overseas.  Our partners on this project are Tucson Arts Brigade and the Global Art Project.



“Jazz Concert”

Date not set

There will be another jazz concert in March.  The Tucson Jazz Society has been a proud and hard-working co-sponsor of the Season.  This concert will be dedicated to raising funds to bring a major speaker to Tucson this year or early next year.   Dr. Jampolski and Arun Gandhi have both already stated an interest in coming.  Dr. Jampolski would speak on forgiveness, and Mr. Gandhi would give us personal insights about his grandfather's life and principles.  I am hoping to talk Rev. Melinda Nay into organizing an even bigger musical event like the one we had in July, including this time people from many different faiths.  We might ask one of the larger Tucson churches for space.  This event might take place probably early February.  We will need to raise about $4000 total, I believe, through these two events and other fundraisers.  Organizations working in peace and justice may have table space to promote their work at these events, and financial sponsorships will be recognized in the program with small ads designed by the organization or by us.



"’I Know a Hero’ Awards Ceremony and Musical Potluck”

Grace St Paul Episcopal Church


5 awards will be given by yet to be named dignitaries to heroes nominated by Tucson residents.  Music and food "potlucks" to be provided by partners and area churches. and hopefully raise some extra funds to support the manavsadhna dancer.



“The Manavsadhna dancers from Gandhi Ashram in India”

Grace St. Pauls Episcopal Church

Local families will host them in our city for several days, first meeting them on May 13, at a performance given by Tucson youth for our visitors. The dancers from India will also perform at several schools and they wish to visit an Indian reservation.



Bermuda Dunes

Rev. Kathy Gottberg               

Palm Springs Center of Positive Living    




“The Art & Science of Forgiveness”

Cathedral City Library,

33-520 Date Palm Drive,

Cathedral City, CA


Talk entitled, The Art & Science of Forgiveness.  Dr. Lufkin is the author of the new book,  Forgive For Good.

Culver City  

Dr Michael Beckwith               

AGAPE International Center of Truth    

310-348-1260 x29



“Rev. Lawson's FREE Workshop on Nonviolence”

Holman United Methodist Church 

3320 W Adams Boulevard 

Los Angeles, CA 90018 

Between Arlington Ave & Crenshaw Blvd. at 5th

Plenty of parking available in the church lot

Rev. James Lawson, National Chair of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and former pastor of Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.  Dr. Martin Luther King called him, "The leading nonviolence theorist in the world."  At Dr. King's invitation, Rev. Lawson became Director of Nonviolent Education for the SCLC.  An advisor to SNCC, he was coordinator for the freedom ride of 1961.  He currently works widely with community and interfaith coalitions for justice and peace and has served with the Urban League and the NAACP.  For fifty years, Rev. Lawson has continued to be a tireless activist for peace, justice and nonviolence.  He continues to mentor nonviolent leadership within the labor, antiwar, and human rights movements.        



“A Season for Nonviolence 2002 Campaign Commencement”

Agape 5700 Buckingham, Culver City            

6:45 PM

6:45 silent reflection

7:15 program begins

Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence is pleased to announce that: A Season for Nonviolence will be launched on both coasts this year on January 30th, 2002--New York at the United Nations, and in Los Angeles the National Kickoff Celebration will be hosted by Agape International Spiritual Center, Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director. 

Speakers include Arun Gandhi, M. K.  Gandhi's grandson, founder of the Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence Dr. Lawrence Carter, Spiritual Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel, Founder of the Gandhi Reconciliation Center

William Ury, Cofounder of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, where he directs the Project on Preventing War

Featuring the Agape International Choir and other moments of inspiration.  Local sponsors include the Agape International Spiritual Center and Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence.



“New Volunteer Orientation”

Agape International Center of Truth

5700 Buckingham Parkway

Culver City




“Soul Force Celebrations at Café Club Fais DO-DO”

Café Club Fais DO-DO

5257 West Adams, LA  

Soul Force Celebrations will take place every other Sunday through Season 2002.  Proceeds from admission go towards Center for Advancement of Nonviolence.  Each event will differ slightly based on arrangements with musicians.



“The Heart Run” 

Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills 

8:00 AM

Join the Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence Team for the 17th Annual ‘From the Heart’ Run & Walk benefiting Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence, Valley Interfaith Council, West Valley Boys & Girls Club, Valley Cultural Center, and Alzheimer's Association of the Valley  Sunday, February 17, 2002  Walk-The event concludes with a Wellness Village Expo featuring health screenings, free healthy food, fitness demonstrations, music, goodie bags and much more.



“Soul Force Celebrations: Brenda Lee Eager in concert with special friends”

Cafe Club Fais Do Do, 5257 West Adams at Cloverdale, west of La Brea.


This multitalented artist presents a virtual potpourri of melodious magic.

Lloyd Noonan      

South Bay Volunteers for Peace   




SNV South Bay holds first event for 2002

Beach Church of Religious Science, 907 Knob Hill

3 pm

A Season for Nonviolence South Bay Task Force will hold an afternoon of spoken word, music and poetry with special  guest Cheryl Russell, author of The Story of the Star Hearts.

Mt. Shasta

Rev. Ruth Ackerman             

Mt. Shasta Center for Positive Living     




“Kick Off Ceremony”

Recreation Hall, Mt. Shasta City Park

5:30 PM Potluck

6:15 PM Ceremony

Includes potluck, Speakers for SNV & Gandi's principles, and concert with local musicians. Education and information provided, especially regarding the 64 Ways for 64 Days.



“Radical Forgiveness Ceremony”

1409 Highland Drive,

Mt. Shasta

7-9 PM

Radical Forgiveness takes the idea that not only do some things happen for a reason and for our ightes and best, but that ALL things happen that way.  This process will introduce a step by step process to assist a shift in perception that allows participants to undestand that, in truth, looked at from the perspective of the spiritual "big picture", nothing wrong ever happened. Repeats on 3/16/02



“Philosophy Café Discussions”

Has Beans Cafe


This is a shared dialog with guiding questions such as "Is Nonviolence and attainable goal?"



“Group Breath and Rebirthing Workshop”

Josephing Taylor Foundation, 1520 Shasta Acres Road


This deep breathing technique allows participants to reach beyond our normal, everyday consciousness into subconscious and superconscious realms.  Within a safe setting emotional release and direct spiritual experience will be welcomed and shared.

Repeat 3/14/02



“Communication Skills Workshop”

Mt. Shasta Center for Positive Living office, 107 East Alma Street in Mt. Shasta


Learning techniques to help participants with communication in all aspects of life-with family, friends and in the workplace.  



“Byron Caty Workshop”

Road and Gun Club Building, Mt. Shasta City Park


"The Work" is a simple yet laser-like process of self-inquiry that leads to acceptance of life as it is and uncovers an individual's essence.  This process is designed to lead naturally to an enhanced state of well-being, where stress and suffering become optional.



“Peace Practice: ‘I Can Be Peace In This’”

Josephing Taylor Foundation, 1520 Shasta Acres Road


Applying principles from the world's great peacemakers to our own lives. Includes group excercises and Vitality Breathing.



“Closing Ceremony”

Recreation Hall, Mt. Shasta City Park


This ceremony will focus on sharing the impact of the experience of the 64 days of the Season.  This will include the celebration through music provided by Local Musicians, a potluck, celebration of the events and manifestations during the Season.


Rev. Janet Garvey Stangvik  

Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living    




"’Make Me An Instrument of Peace.’ Peace Table”

Chardonnay Hall at the Napa Valley Expo


This year's Peace Table Celebration Dinner honoring peacemakers in our community is blessed to have Arun Gandhi as our keynote speaker again next year.  We have many wonderful local students who are eager to participate in the Peace Table's efforts, especially in decorating and designing Chardonnay Hall and planning the music and festivities. 


Palm Desert

Arlette Poland                      




"Seasons of the Spirit"

"Seasons of the Spirit" where we will have four religious leaders share the seasons and festivals of their traditions... one per week for four weeks.. from Jan. 22- thru Feb. 5.  The faiths represented in this are Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Zen Buddhism.



“Angel of the Desert Award Dinner/Dance”

Indian Ridge Country Club

Seven committees of peers got together to choose peacemaker representatives and submitted nominees to our board.  We chose one from each area, and this

year instead of giving out one Angel of the Desert Award, we are giving out seven to peacemakers in various fields or communities.



"Peacemakers' Forum 2002:  Peace Thru Forgiveness Strategies."

The event itself is "Peacemakers' Forum 2002:  Peace Thru Forgiveness Strategies."  It will be the weekend of March 16 & 17.  We have three great speakers lined up and entertainment and local people for Sunday afternoon.  Everything, inlcuing the music, is focused around the theme stated in the title.



"Interreligious Panels"

A series of meetings or panels with 3-4 religious leaders on each of 3 panels.  Each leader will take about 10 minutes to share about a peacemaker in their own tradition who serves as an example and/or informs their own understanding of their faith.  There will q & a afterwards.  This is intended to lead up to the Peacemakers' Forum 2002:  Peace Thru Forgiveness Strategies


Redondo Beach

Revs. Ruthellen & J.C.  Barnudy   

Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science                




“The Forgiveness Project”

The Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science

907 Knob Hill

3-6 pm

An afternoon of poetry, spoken word, songs and art on the process and personal voyage of forgiveness. In an "open mike" format, participants will have an opportunity to share their individual expressions on their experience of forgiveness. Each "performer" will have up to five minutes for his/her presentation.  while its not necessary to memorize your piece - remember there is a audience.  it should be both polished and heart felt. The first hour is set aside for the expressions of children and young adults.


Jennifer  Dunlap 

Sacramento SNV




“Peace Mandala Opening Ceremony”

Unity Church in Sacramento

A diverse group of the public came together to create a human peace mandala, which showed the significance of "community".



“Closing Ceremony at Capital Steps”

Capital Steps in Sacramento

Educate the public about SNV and have a good time with entertainment and prayer. 


Santa Monica      

Eisha Mason       

Center for the Advancement for Nonviolence        




“A Season for Nonviolence 2002 Wrap Party”

6 PM      

Word and Music and More, with: "The Do Got Band" featuring Leroy Ball, Louis Ball, Michael Davis and Major Black; Michelle Cole, Peggy Dobreer, Caira Franklyn, Bridget Gray, g_life, Marianne Lewis, Esther Nicholson, Carmen O’Connor, Raina Paris, D.C. Pincus, LaTonya Reed, Margene Stewart, Robin Thorne, BT Taylor. Doors open 6pm     Cover $15.00

Simi Valley              

Michelle McClure

Simi Valley Relgious Science Center for Positive Living               




“Life is a Celebration”

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

3050 Los Angeles Ave.

Dr. Dennis's Jan. 27 Sunday  Lesson "Life is a Celebration"  to our Center congregation  was entitled A Season for Nonviolence after which all attendees received 64 Ways' Poster & Family Pledge




Mayor & City Council presented our Task Force with a Proclamation  recognizing the SNV, on Jan 28th.  Dr. Dennis Merrit Jones words of acceptance & gratitude (for proclamation) to the Simi Valley City Council and attending public.



“64 Ways' Library Talks”

Simi Valley Library

& Thousand Oaks Library

64 Ways' Library Talks are FREE to public, February 20th in Thousand Oaks, CA and February 27th in Simi Valley.  Co-Presenters Dr. Dennis Merrit Jones & Rev. Sue Rubin (Westlake Church of Religious Science)



“SNV  Celebration”

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

3050 Los Angeles Ave.


SNV  Celebration FREE to public.  Program will include hourly  recognition of all winners of the Art & Writing Contests; hourly dramatic presentations by middle & high school students; hourly guest speakers; hourly music.

Walnut Creek

Nan Diebels        

Contra Costa County SNV         




“Peace At Home”

Montgomery Wards lot off HWY 680, Pleasant Hill, CA.  Exit Monument Blvd.  The parking lot is on the corner of Monument Blvd. and Buskirk Ave.  We will have community vans to take participants to Pleasant Hill City Hall as parking is limited.


A collaborative effort between the County, the City of Pleasant Hill and 6 nonprofits. Also, 6 simultaneous walks: Antioch, CA.; Danville, CA; Oakland, CA.; San Francisco, Bay View District and San Francisco, Western Addition, CA. All walks are called "Peace At Home".




Susan Dolan       

Berry Creek Middle School PTA        




“Snowshoe / Walk for Peace”

Along the Eagle River, Edwards, CO


Families and community members are invited to join us for a peaceful 2-5K snowshoe/walk to celebrate nonviolence in our schools and community.

A chili dinner and entertainment from the jazz band after the walk are included with your registration.



Ormond Beach           

Rev. Glo Hoeft     

Positive Living Center   




“Kissed By An Angel Concert”    

7:15 PM

A mystical journey into a musical world of ecstasy.  Feel the oneness as you travel through a variety of Celtic, Middle Eastern, South American and European soundscapes.  Angelina will sing to your heart with her angelic voice, while Don combines his fluid guitar style with a plethora of synthesized exotic layers magically blending these talents with Armand's captivating american Indian flute, vocals and enchanting melodies.  This music will take you to your sacred space



Revs. Steve & Mary Bolen           

Unity Christ Center   





“Circles of Forgiveness Workshop”

Unity Christ Center

AM Service & Wednesday evening

Colin Tipping and Karen Taylor-Good present Circle of Forgivnews workshops:

Sunday AM Services with "Living the Non-Violent Life."  Our children are working with the theme of non-violence in their Sunday and Wednesday evening classes.



“Gift of Forgiveness”

Unity Christ Center

AM Service

Workshop led by Rev. Jerry Epps.



“Day of Honoring World Cultures”

Unity Christ Center

11 AM

Inviting our congregants to bring their ethnic dishes for a covered dish luncheon after our 11AM Service, climaxing the afternoon with the planting of our first Peace Pole in our "Just beginning" Peace Garden outside our new building. 




Rev Sue Blocki-McKenna              

Season for Peace and Nonviolence, Hawaii  



“Peace Creation Workshop”

Manoa Japanese language School


Peace Creation is an experiential workshop which utilizes life skill techniques based on different aspects of Truth principles to create peace within oneself, thus affecting peace worldwide. Given by Taina Passmore Fernandez and Patricia Allard Souza .



Sheryl Jai             

Unity Church of Diamond Head   




“Aloha Peace Day”

Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii


It will be a free program for the whole family: an uplifting, daylong experience of music, information, inspiration and just plain fun. Headlining the event will be James Twyman, and he will be joined by many other musicians who will perform songs appropriate for this occasion. In addition, there will be many other respected authors and speakers, dealing with the concepts of peace, non-violence, forgiveness, ho’oponopono and changing consciousness.



“Open Ceremony”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI


The evening will begin with a reception, followed by a two hour talk by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandi.



“Columbian Children Progam”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI

Tonight we met and had a presentation from the children from Columbia who are living examples of peace coming from a country where all their families have died, live in poverty and know no other way than war, violence and abuse and they are living peace and teaching children all over the world how to educate themselves to choose peace.



“An Evening with Arun Gandhi”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI

Come and meet Arun & his wife Sunanda for a reception and booksigning. $50.00 includes delicious food in the courtyard, reserved limited seating.



“High Tea with Arun Gandhi”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI


“An Evening w Arun Gandhi”

Arun's nationwide lecture series makes thousands aware of nonviolence and has spurred the creation of new nonviolence groups throughout the country. These growing communities of friends, students, and practitioners of nonviolence are forming a network of moral support for each other and for our continued work.



“Weave Day for the Cloth of Many Color”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI


Cloth to be presented to James Twyman.



“Closing Ceremony”

Unity Church of Hawaii

3608 Diamond Head Circle

Honolulu, HI


Award to the Peacemaker of the community, an interfaith service featuring many religious leaders expressing a passage about peace, music, Hawaiian chanting and blessing, food, children's choir and an invitation to people to continue the Season all year long.



Coeur d'Alene

Rev. Sheryl Rogers 

Center of Light Church  




“Community Unity Breakfast”

1st Presbyterian Church

521 Lakeside in Coeurd'Alene


Community Unity breakfast on Wed Jan 30th,

50 people in attendance. Discussed SNV principles & upcoming events. We showed an artist's rendering of a sign our Diakonia Interfaith Group would like to place at the entrance to our city that shows several different nationalities of people praying. Thecaption says" I think, therefore I pray."



“5 Week Film Series”

1st Presbyterian Church

521 Lakeside in Coeurd'Alene

5 week film series including 3 clips from A Force More Powerful.  There will be discussion and refreshments afterwards. These videos depict actual events that show how nonviolence, respect and forgiveness can operate as solutions in our lives.



“Wrap up Celebration Banquet”

Coeur d'Alene Inn

414 W Appleway

Wrap up celebration banquet in conjunction with the Human Rights Task Force. Parvin Darbai, author of "Rage Against the Veil" depicting injustices to women in the world.



Jenny Marx           

Rogers Park Neighborhood     




“Peace-Speak and PeaceQuest”

Local churches in Rogers Park Neighborhood

January 30 - April 4, evenings and weekends


Rev. Ed Townley 

Unity in Chicago 




“Local Heroes of Nonviolenc”e       

9:30 and 11:30    

"Be the change you want to see in the world." These words of Gandhi are the hallmark of the Chicago area 2002 celebration of the Gandhi-King Season fro Nonviolence. The Association fro Global New Thought and Unity in Chicago are hosting two services on Sunday, March 17th, to honor the peacemaking work that is being accomplished around and through us.

Please join us at on one the two services. Jean Houston will be a featured speaker and will join Rev. Ed Townley in recognizing eight Chicago area groups who are contributing significantly to the culture of peace.

Honorees to receive a certificate of Service, along with a tithe of $1000 each are: The American Friends Service Committee, The Peace Museum, Young Chicago Authors, Rainbow House, the Night Ministry, Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, and the Evanston High School student initiated Youth for Social Action.   


Anthony Nicotera

Kelly Vaughan     

Chicago Peace Response Coaltion & American Friends Service Committee



“Conference: The Impact of Sept. 11 on US Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, and the Economy”

St. Scholastica Academy

7416 N. Ridge Blvd.

Chicago, IL

Feb. 22-24

A working conference where participants will listen to key note speakers, attend various workshops and gather to discuss action in light of the ideas presented.  Education packets will be presented and trainings given for community-based activists to share with their respective groups, organizations, congregations and communities. These packets will included suggestions for non-violent actions, prayer services, campaigns, lobby efforts etc.




Jenny Huang-Dale      




"A Force More Powerful"

Decorah Public Library meeting room, Decorah, IA

7:30 PM

The public is invited to watch a 24-minute segment of "A Force More Powerful", a documentary film about Mohandas Gandhi and his followers' non-violent resistance to the British rule of India.  Discussion will follow the film.



The Kingian Project Anti-Violence Rally

Frankstown Ave./Homewood Ave.


The rally is being held in memory of 8 year old Taylor Coles. Taylor was killed in the crossfire when local drug dealers walked in and opened fire on a rival drug dealer. Taylor's father was killed her mother wounded. Taylor and her family were eating dinner.The event is a collaboration between The Kingian Project and The Pittsburgh NAACP'S Youth Council. The youth council member have just completed training in the Kingian principles of Non-Violence conducted by Dr.Ellie Wright Ellis,Kingian Project Director.




Reed Johnstone 

Peace Games     

(508) 785-3208



“10th Annual Peace Games”

Boston's World Trade Center


Peace Games is truly a wonderful in-school peace and justice education program serving children in grades K-12 (currently in the Boston and LA areas and expanding) that I have no doubt they will someday be the nation's premier Ballwin Mar model for in-school nonviolence programs, and a leading partnering organization supporting the annual SNV campaign.

Exec. Dir.:  Eric Dawson


Mt. Pleasant

Mari Potter            

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Michigan

(989) 772-0110



Let Peace Begin With Me Sunday Service  

10:30 AM              

This service was lead by Norma Bailey.  It included responsive readings of Peace by Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohandas K. Gandhi, and Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley.  It also included an activity using the ""64 Ways in 64 Days"", which were made into cards, passed around and discussed in small groups by congregation members.  Norma also include songs of Peace, including "Come Together in Love", "This is My Song", and "Let Ther Be Peace On Earth".


Lee's Summit         

Rev. Sharon Connors               

Unity Village Chapel  




“Season for Nonviolence Award Service”                    

Rev. Sharon Connors and the Unity Chapel congregation will present awards and tithes to two local organizations who have done exemplary work in nonviolence. The Sunflower House is a child-abuse prevention center- that strives to prevent child abuse and neglect through educational programs and interventions. The New House (est. 1971) outreach for abused women had now advanced their program to children. New House offers teaching, housing, counseling, and employment referrals to abused women.

St. Louis

Marlene Bricker   

The Soul-Esteem Center   




"HEAR: How Everyone Assesses Reality"

John Burroghs School

Morning assembly

A talk for 600 students from 7th-10th grade, centered on changing how we HEAR: "How Everyone Assesses Reality" and "Heart Encounters Are Real".  Add a "t" to hear, you have heart!!  If each of us could hear with our hearts rather than our ears, what would our world be like?  The main focus was letting them each know how important every individual is in creating a non-violent world.  At every moment we have choices in our responses.  The goal was to get them thinking about their own way of responding and that violence is "Anything that diminishes another human being's self worth."



“Evening of Prayer/Music”

Carmel Temple 1208 Pennsylvania South Houston, Texas 77857-4041


This will be an evening of sharing, praying, and music. It is an inspiring program that will certainly lift the spirits. This is the first time Carmel Temple is hosting an event. If you would like to read or participate please contact Carl at 713-944-0014 or email for information. Mark your calendar and join us!



“Sharing The Vision”

The Living Insights Center


Join us for an evening of Oneness.  Knowing that there is only One and sharing that vision in a community setting is the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. 



“Interfaith Dialogue”

105 Progress Parkway, St. Louis, Mo. 63043


A group of six religious leaders or representatives from different faiths will be asked:

"How has your particular faith contributed to dissention in our world?"

"How has your faith contributed to peace in our world?"

Each person will have five minutes for each part of the question.  There will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. 




Lynne Scheiter    

Center for Conscious Living               




“Exploring Violence & Setting Personal Intentions for Peace”

Moorsetown Community House


Leader Rev. Al Lingo comes to us from Atlanta,GA to present a nonviolence workshop.



“Saturday Day of Mindfulness “

70 Lakeside Drive, Marlton NJ

10AM-4 PM

Rev. Al Lingo from Atlanta GA who worked extensively with Rev. Martin Luther King will lead this day including meditations, silent meal and taped.  Embracing Anger, Tich Nat Han darma talk on peace. 



“All Night Toltec Mitote”

Marlton /Moorestown NJ area - to be announced. 


Started with viewing the "Matrix" with the assignment of seeing ourselves in each of the characters and how they demonstrated the Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz) and discussed it in some depth. Then stayed up all night and repeated Toltec sacred chants every 15 minutes from midnight to 5 am.



“Book discussion ‘Voluntary Simplicity,’by Duane Elgin”

70 Lakeside Drive, Marlton NJ

7:30-9:00 PM

(2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26/02)

Read and discuss this excellent book by Duane Elgin on living simply, peacefully and healing the planet.  $10 per session.  TF leader Lynne Scheiter hosts a twice monthly book discussion group on Duane Elgin's "Voluntary Simplicity" which includes discussion and sharing of personal commitment to healing the planet through living simply and consciously. Awareness and concern for world peace and the current war on terrorism was a focus of the group discussion.



“Find Peace Within Synergy Circle”

Moorestown Community Center, Main Street, Moorestown, NJ

7:30 - 10 pm

This Synergy Circle is devoted to SNV with Bijan, author of Effortless Prosperity leading this workshop entitled  Finding Peace Within.  Bijan is a dynamic international speaker and author.



“Empower Your Life Workshop”

Center for Conscious Living Office 302 N. WashingtonSt. Moorestown, NJ 08057

12:30-3 PM

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson Sunday

3 Major Points: 1. Setting Boundaries (learning to say "No" when it's "No", and Yes when it is Yes.) 2. Speaking our Truth (to ourselves as well as others). 3. Finishing our feelings (examining past feelings &  belief systems). Unlearn the damaging habit of stopping your feelings and learn the natural healing of Finishing Your Feelings! This includes the art of listening.



“Day of Mindfulness by Buddhist Monk, Ven. Bhante Wimala “

Friends Meeting House, Main St., Moorestown, NJ

9 am - 5 pm

Suggested donation - $40.  Bring a vegetarian dish for silent shared lunch.  Call to register 856-722-LOVE.  Enjoy the peaceful presence of this exceptional being who has manifest as Bhante Wimala.  Find inner peace. Lynne Scheiter


New York

Monica Willard    

Interfaith Center of New York         

212-685-4242  ext. 19



“Olympic Peace Poles & MLK Birthday Celebration”

Salt Lake City, Utah

Interfaith Celebration For Peace, Justice & Healing of the Earth Planned to Dedicate Olympic Truce Peace Poles & Celebrate Martin Luther King holiday. Several faith traditions will celebrate together their common desire for peace, justice and the healing of the Earth as they prepare to be hosts for the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and include participation Baha'i, Buddhist, Catholic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jewish, Hindu, Lutheran, Muslim, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Unitarian, and Unity. The Celebration will include guest preacher Bishop Rev. Warner Brown, offerings from various faith traditions and participation from several Olympic Chaplains, and the dedication of about 172 Olympic Truce Peace Poles.  Each faith community will offer its own unique contribution including Buddhist chants and meditations, therapeutic harp music, contemporary songs, youth soloists, Hindu Chants, a Catholic litany based on prayer by Mother Theresa, Muslim prayers to name a few. About 8 Olympic Chaplains will also be assisting in the service. The service will conclude with the presentation to SLOC of 172 peace poles (2 custom made poles for each country participating in the Salt Lake Olympics). Each pole will have the words May Peace Prevail on Earth in the language of each country along with that nations flag on one side of the pole. Two other sides will echo this prayer, one in French and one in English the two official languages for the Olympics. The fourth side will provide a reminder of the Olympic Truce call for friendship, solidarity, and cooperation among nations.  All are invited to join in this wonderful preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.



“Arc of Hope: The Earth Charter”

United Nations

Arc of Hope for the Earth Charter, which is centered at the IFCNY (Principles to create a sustainable world)



“Olympic Peace Poles”

Salt Lake City, Utah

The World Peace Prayer Society's Director, Deborah Moldow, is organizing it with the Salt Lake Interfaith group. Each team will receive a Peace Pole with their language and one like it will stay in Salt Lake.



“Closing Event”

United Nations


The Association for Global New Thought and the Interfaith Center of New York will close the Fifth Annual Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence at the United Nations on Tuesday, April 9, 2002.

The Association for Global New Thought and the Interfaith Center of New York will climax the Fifth Annual Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence at the United Nations, 46th Street & 1st Avenue, New York City, on Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 1-3 pm, with presentations by some of the strongest voices representing international nonviolence consciousness.

January 30 - April 4 represents a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is the most effective way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities, and supporting nonviolent action 365 days a year. Inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of two of the most powerful nonviolence activists ever, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, this international event honors their vision for an empowered, nonviolent world. Grandchildren of Mahatma Gandhi (Parliamentarian Ela Gandhi of the Republic of South Africa; Dr. Arun Gandhi of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, Memphis, TN), and Yolanda King, eldest daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr., join H. E. Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN from the People's Republic of Bangladesh (the UN Ambassador sponsoring this event) in presenting powerful and very timely messages supporting nonviolent activism. Bangladesh is committed to working with children in areas of armed conflict and, therefore, is an extremely appropriate sponsor for this event. Dynamic president of the Association for Global New Thought, Dr. Michael Beckwith, considered one of the most effective voices for peace today, will moderate the presentation, which will also include Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey and the poetry of Mattie J.T. Stepanek, 11 year old Best-Selling author of award winning poetry and short stories, including Journey Through Heartsongs, National Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a frequent guest on Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Co-presenters are the Interfaith Center of New York and the Association for Global New Thought, the organization that co-founded, convenes and directs the annual Season for Nonviolence campaign.



Rev. Eunice Chalfant

Celebration of Life Church          




“Teen Summit II”

Sinclair Community College


The topic of the Summit is to empower the students to create a strategy to teach and live the Principles of Nonviolence in their schools.  Each school experiences violence in a very different way.  For one school, violence took the form of self hatred and self-abuse from anorexia, suicide etc. - for another, it took the form of run down and proverty stricken school building, and for another, violence was between ethnic groups.  Each school described how they would confront the violence in their school and reported to the entire group at the end of the summit.




Jennifer Bridgewater         

SNV Living Enrichment Center   



April 2002

“Local Hero Banquet (8)”

Honring eight with a final banquet in April



Rev. Frances Lancaster                             




“The Art & Science of Living Peace”

Portland, OR Unity


Join with Minister, Author, Teacher Frances Lancaster

& Composer, Vocalist/Pianist, Award Winning Musician JoAnna Burns-Miller in a “Sacred Experiential Workshop” to explore vision and challenges to peace.



“The Art & Science of Living Peace”

Unity of Beaverton

Beaverton, OR


Same as above.



Bonnie Lock        

A Season for Nonviolence, Philadelphia        




“A Workshop on the 6 Kingian Principles of Nonviolence”

First United Methodist Church, 6023 Germantown Ave., Phila. (between Walnut and High Streets)


Sponsored by the Center for Peace, Chestnut Hill, presented by Al Lingo, renowned international minister and teacher who has served the southern civil rights movement in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia the Ecumenical Institute in Chicago, the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Bombay, Manilla, and Nairobi, and an active force for human rights and peace, teaching unconditional love and forgiveness. (610.902.6111) or for more info.


January 30, 2002

“Philadelphia Peacemakers Trip to NY Season Launch”

United Nations, New York City


The Philadelphia SNV Task Force is hosting an at cost, chartered bus trip to participate in the 2002 Season for Nonviolence Launch in New York.  SNV East Coast opening event theme is Peace and the Environment presented as a public briefing to NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in conjunction with the first week of the 2nd Preparatory Committee for the World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in August/September 2002.  The briefing will highlight links between the Johannesburg Summit and the General Assembly's Declaration of A Culture of Peace and the related establishment of an International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World.  The SNV Phila. task force is coordinating Phila. metropolitan area registration for the opening event which takes place from 10 - 12 at the United Nations followed by a collaborative meal and planning session of the NY and Phila. SNV task forces.


2/16 &17/2002

“Conference:  Global Healing:  Reason for Hope”

Haverford College

This conference is designed to enhance our sense of global responsibility, increase awareness of programs addressing global problems, inspire activism, and enable us to more adequately integrate our personal values in understanding global challenges.  Each of the speakers is a recognized expert in a specific discipline, and each derives profound inspiration from inner and spiritual resources. There will also be a special dinner and presentation on Saturday evening entitled "Educating for Social Responsibility" in which our invited speakers and guests from local universities and schools will discuss the importance of teaching about the issues that the conference addresses. This dinner is separate from the conference and is open to the public, although seats are limited. Presented by the Global Security Institute; co-sponsoring organizations:  Jane Goodall Institute, Haverford College, the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy, the Global Dialogue Institute, Higher Ground for Humanity, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and the Chautauqua Institution.



“Closing event at the UN”

United Nations, New York

Inviting all Philadelphia area peacemakers to join the Phila. task force on a charterd bus trip to the UN, designed to assist participants in networking and sharing their stories and work. Scheduled:  Ela and Arun Gandhi.



“Celebrate the Magic Day”

Wave of Magical Voices

Celebrate the Magic! Celebrate the Magic Foundation ( is promoting a Wave of Magical voices on May 1st as children's choirs from countries around the globe, starting at the WTC, join in at each hour of the day, for 24 hours of non stop singing, in a global show of unity and peace. The songs selected include Let there be Peace on Earth, Heal the World, The Greatest Love of All, and Celebrate The Magic Day Theme song.  Words are available on the website.  The Phila. SNV task force has created a service project to enroll churches and schools in having their children's choirs participate, or to help them start a children's choir for peace, and to create Celebrate the Magic!



“Family Day”

Family Day events promoting peace, love, and happiness as a way to build communities of

peace with our children, and is working on creating opportunities for service projects that children can participate in as a way of actualizing the songs in their hearts.



“International Day of Peace (Sept. 2002)”  TBD

In the past, the task force, in conjunction with other local groups, has participated in IDP activities at the UN and have campaigned to have schools participate in a moment of silence to reflect on peace in unity with other observers of the day worldwide.   Last year, a trip was planned in support of a local elementary school peace choir' s scheduled performance at the UN on September 13th, the youth celebration for IDP (which was officially September 11th).  Thankfully, the planned youth event was after September 11th, and the kids remained safe at home.  What to do in 2002 will largely depend upon expressed interest of task force members and those that join in the Season for Nonviolence campaign and future task force activities during and after Season.  I Have a Dream that someday, all people worldwide hoping, dreaming, praying, visualizing, campaigning, and working for peace come together everywhere to actually celebrate peace on its international day. I don't know yet what IDP 2002 will look like but, whatever we plan, it'll be towards that dream and everyone will be invited.



Anne  McSpadden         

Unity Church of Memphis              




“Season for Nonviolence Auction”

6-9 PM  

Everyone around the world can bid online on many fine pieces of art, jewelry, and antiques donated for the event valued in excess of $35,000.  Go to our web site and click on ""Special Auction




Rev. Petra Weldes 

Center for Spiritual Living    




“Season for Nonviolence and Peace”

The Center for Spiritual Living

13610 Midway Rd, Suite 212

1 to 4:30 PM

Love Offering

Lunch provided after services

Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Nonviolence with Rev. Petra Weldes exploring and understanding both the ethics and the strong active practices of nonviolence, as a way of life, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Return to Faith and Optimism with Bill DeFoore, Ph.D. This is an uplifting, faith-based message about the powerful and potentially destructive emotions of fear and anger.  Professional guidance for transforming fear and anger from adversary to ally in stressful times. Followed by reflection and dialogue.  We are offering 6 seminars throughout the year from various perspectives which will include personal reflection and dialogue time, as we wrestle with this question.  We will be starting monthly Peace Circles out of this first seminar, to provide on-going dialogue and support as we wrestle with our questions, and work together toward peace.  Please contact the Center if you interested in being part of a Peace Circle.




Brad Baldwin

Manav Sadhna/Gandhi Ashram


April/May 2002

Manav Sadhna (‘Service to Mankind’ in Hindi) is a registered NGO based in a quiet corner of Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, located in the West Indian State of Gujarat. Manav Sadhna is constantly engaged in lighting lamps in the lives of the underprivileged in and around the city of Ahmedabad, a city of nearly 4 million.

Manav Sadhna provides a home, hope and opportunity for over 4,000 children like these.  Inspired by Gandhian philosophy, a small staff of dedicated workers and volunteers concentrate efforts in the areas of education, health, hygiene, nutrition, income generation, savings, fun, and spiritual training, to bring about overall development in the life of a child.

14 talented children from the slums have been selected to carry the message of Truth, Peace, and Non-Violence to the United States. The stage production links the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and will be performed in cities across the US in April/May 2002.  Mallika Sarabhai, Head of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts is choreographing the 90-minute dance drama. Brad Baldwin, an American citizen living and working at Gandhi Ashram (Manav Sadhna), is producing EKTA. The EKTA tour will be composed of two parts, the first being the performance element and the second being the interactive educational aspect with schools all across the Nation.  The 14 ‘lamps of light’ from India will be engaged in workshops with American students in urban and rural settings, inner city and private institutions.  Students from each country will be able to exchange ideas, stories, and questions from their varying backgrounds.  A historical chord will be running through the tour as well.  Prayers will be held at the Loraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee and the King Center in Atlanta on April 4th.   A symbolic walk is being planned for Washington DC as well. 


Fairfax Station          

Rev. Eileen Goor

New World Unity Church          



“Afghanistan History Presentation”

Irving middle School

8100 Old Keene Mill Rd.

Springfield, VA

A wonderful doming together of community & Church members to hear the multi-cultural specialist with 3 Afghanistan natives, tell about the history of Afghanistan, show slides & items ffrom daily life.



"Love is Letting Go of Fear" series

Irving middle School

8100 Old Keene Mill Rd.

Springfield, VA


Through March 10, 2002. The series will speak from the understanding presented in Jampolsky's book that we can move into love and peace when we let go of the fear that holds us captive.  Culminating with an intergenerational art project on Mar. 10, where people will create a symbol to keep all year to remind them of gained understanding.


April 2002

“Culminating SNV Event”

Irving middle School

8100 Old Keene Mill Rd.

Springfield, VA

10:30 AM

Children present ideas through music and drama concerning nonviolence.


Virginia Beach           

Herta Okonkwo                   



“Opening Event Youth Conference”        

Virginia Beach opening January 30.  Several clergy from various religions said a prayer.  At the end the Princess Anne High School Cavalette Dance Team performed.



Conference for teenagers: Being proactive in dealing with violence.  At Indian River High School in Chesapeake, VA.




Shuan Butcher    

Wood County Initiative for SNV  




“MOV Martin Luther King”

Community Service at First Baptist Church

2:45 PM:



“Martin Luther King Day Youth Fair”

Cultural Center for Fine Arts




“Open House” 

Summer Museum of African American History




“NAACP Event”

Parkersburg High School



“Don Raynes” (WV Human Rights Commission)

Kiwanis Club



2/7/02 7PM:

“History Alive presentation of James Weldon Johnson”

Vienna Public Library



“Robert Graetz Presentation”

Sponsored by North Parkersburg Kiwanis Club




"Bridging the Gap” 

Smoot Theater




“International Station Banquet with Frank Wu”

Sponsored by Multicultural Festival



“Dedication of Peace Pole”

Jackson Park in Vienna




"A Kid's Day Out," 

Parkersburg City Park

Sponsored by FCE



Film Showing and Discussion, "Gandhi,"

Caperton Center




“Tune Out Violence”

Sponsored by FCE