Synthesis Dialogues DVD

The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) convened the third Synthesis Dialogues with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet. The events in this program show how joy, love, and peace live in harmony with sorrow, conflict, and disagreement to reveal a more profound Truth.
$20.00 each

Youth "PEACEPORT" Program

The Youth PEACEPORT Program incorporates principles from the history and philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi, M.L. King, and Cesar Chavez, along with key activities from the UNESCO award-winning “Peace Ambassadors” curriculum. Perfect for schools, church and community groups, families, and organizational outreach.
Curriculm: FREE
Booklets: $5.00 per student


"One Heartbeat Under God" Posters

24" x 18" Poster. Created for the Awakened World Conference in 2008. Poster reads "One Heartbeat Under God...Indivisible, with Liberty, Compassion, and Justice for All."
Original artwork by Steve Fields.
$20.00 each


Free Resources

For a copy of Leur Songe de la Paix, the Abraham Path DVD, Association for Global New Thought: The First Decade, or the Season for Interfaith Celebration CD Rom--please email us at