Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Susana Wolds

Present: Barbara Fields, Carol Carnes, Kathy Hearn, Susana Wolds

Videographers mission: To create an archive of what’s going on. What the now generation has to say about its own future. We want to make sure that we’re on the cutting edge of that.

Cheryl in san diego…will have a meeting with Susana and Sonia to see how she can support them with equipment, etc.

Hillary Carr- production manager of Awakened World for many years. She now works in LA, Hollywood. She would love to come and support the video team as a director. We will forward her bio to everyone.

S: Even before this, I was coming up with a list of exemplary young people and imagining the power of them coming together- I want to be part of that group!

Film is an incredible medium and if we can harness this creativity…Foster this kind of work in the world, tune in people around the world who are looking for this kind of work and inspiration.

B: Evolutionary Leaders group…group of 40 people in b’s generation doing the pioneering work in the consciousness movement. The best of the best, but what they lack is a strategic way of coordinating our efforts. We would be so much more powerful if there was synergy in our group.

Through our experience- that concept could be seeded into the now generation- some way of synergizing all of your initiatives, constantly inviting and including those who are in need of models and examples from their peer group.

S: there really is an international network of dreamers and visionaries- people in our demographic doing this really good work. To publicly declare that this IS happening- could be very powerful.

Opportunities for using the video?

PBS specials; Wendy has contacts
A really great feature documentary, internet marketed.
Form a program around it, screen it..
Schools- elementary, high school (those ages that look up to these ages)
Universities too- trying to relate to the outside world, how to make it all fit
Youtube, facebook, etc

Carol: In our culture we’ve never really had a respect for our elders. I see this as a moment for the wisdom of the elders to integrate with the vitality of the youth. The value inherent in all the different ages coming together and realizing it’s not about age- it’s about our love for the planet, faith, we can do it together-

We carry unique and synergistic gifts between us.

B: What did we have to do in order to get a public voice? We can give the youth those answers.

S: What will the timeline be for postproduction? There might have to be some additional filming outside of that. When do you want a finished product?

B: By the end of the year, but we don’t know the scope of the project yet. It depends on who is taking what role and what resources we have. I don’t think there will be the need to go out and film these people in different settings. We have many settings here in SB. We also have access to b-role library…film that we don’t have to shoot ourselves.

Susana will be at the parliament, with her camera. So, if we need more footage from there, it will be available.

We will see the synthesis dialogue dvd to Susana and Sonia. A good example of what can come out of a 5 day meeting.

Question 1: What result/gift/offering would you like to take away from the meeting for yourself?
I hope to expand my experience in the field as a videographer; grow and gain more experience, being able to tie that in with the happenings of this incredible generation that I am a part of. Strengthen my sense of being a part of this group; to serve that and to make a contribution.

Queston 2: What result/gift/offering would you like to be seeded in this meeting for this group (and its immediate circles)?
To see some incredible collaboration come of this. Acknowledge that these things that they are doing are not easily accomplished. See and contribute to greater cooperation.

Question 3: What result/gift/offering would you like to, eventually, emerge from this meeting for our social evolution as a world?
Overflow into and be emanated into the world so that people see that these things are happening.

This could form a foundation of cooperation in your generation that does not exist in our generation. That network could then be expanded from that.

The younger people will see that they have some powerful allies in the older generation. Synthesis of generations- how they complement each other.

We miss the discussion that talks about errors of judgment in relation to looking at other generations. What perceptions do we have that sabotage moving forward and collaborating.

And also a push in the new generation to create “new”. A lack of information about what was done. Story telling; talking about motivations; etc.

An outcome for agnt might not look like a new project, but might be a new step that belongs to all of us.