Wed, August 19, 2009
Gina Rene

Present: Barbara Fields, Gina Rene

Moved to santa cruz…might fly down from san jose airport.

B: We have 12 of the best. Plus a two person video crew of young women, an experienced producer in the LA film industry. We don’t know what we’ll do with the documentation, but we know we want to have it.
Between 8-10 people from AGNT hosting.
Going to put a draft meeting design together so we can get your input and create it together.

Are there any specific goals or outcomes or gifts that you want to take away to enhance your own work and mission from the meeting?

G: A knowing that I’m divinely guided and connected; have that affirmation and experience itself. Different people representing different parts of the community coming together and sharing our resources to really activate the movement of change. Knowing there’s someone with me on the planet. To be more connected through these people and the vision being activated. And people to feel inspired by me and a vision to come through that way. Whatever our resources are, I feel that is an activation already happening that’s gonna happen more. I don’t know how it’s gonna work, but the synchronicity already is showing up in a very focused way.

B: When you said the resources that you have to share and some of the things that you need in order to grow your work. There could be a section of our meeting where we share what their most valuable resources to offer to the whole, and what are their most critical; needs in order to grow their work.

Experiential feeling tone things that you don’t want to miss?

G: A little grounding, prayer/affirmation/silent time, play time,
Basket of little things…like an ice breaker…getting silly and funny and out of our heads.Musical instruments

B: We’re going to invite in 20-30 key members of our community who are really interested in this stuff, and have them expand the circle and do something all together to get this message out there to the next tier.

G: I think that agnt gives off that kind of a feeling; of being fresh and not knowing.

B; it’s hard to prepare for open space, because you have to prepare for people to release their attitudes and really trust.
Be thinking of ways that you can really disarm the energy if it gets stale/ stagnant

We could bring bells…to take a moment to breath…

G: I would love if my friend could come to that Tuesday evening- she lives in Santa Barbara.

B: just send her email so that we can issue an invitation.