Friday, August 14, 2009
Zaid Gayle
2:30 PM

Present: Barbara Fields, Zaid Gayle

Please share a little to introduce yourself and how you feel about coming to this meeting:

I’m humbled and excited by the opportunity. Excited to talk to some of the other leaders about the planet and how to make change.

A whole group of people from Be The Cause did a piece for Peace4Kids last year- performed and everything.

B: Most of the people coming to this meeting don’t know one another, but are focused on practical change coming from a spiritual basis

Z: Rev. Michael is my godfather. My father is Nirvana….they founded Agape together. I grew up in the movement and took an adversarial role…I was 12 when they started the group…thought they were crazy etc. I started my own teen movement within that…we had to go to these meetings and be part of the visioning movement. We were opposed to it, but it gave us a chance to see how to create from a vision. Then I thought-if these principles work here, why not somewhere else? We wanted to teach principles of nonviolence to youth who would not be exposed to that otherwise.

This will be an opportunity to be present with people who have the same kind of consciousness; the opportunity of being on this planet right now to create now. I feel like the time has never been as right as it is right now for creating change.

B: These people all come from a foundation of heart, spirituality and whatever they manifest will come from that. Instead of looking from the outside-in for social justice, etc.
This generation has a sooner awareness of these spiritual principles and also of creating strategic alliance.


We want to avoid unproductive meetings…

What ideas would help design the meeting? Some core values? We want to do this differently and make sure the design reflects the people who will be attending.

Z: It’s an interesting paradigm for me; I’m constantly having to set the intentions of meetings and be very outcome oriented.

The consciousness of the people that are in the room. I’m assuming in theory that it will be there but to have it confirmed will be a very powerful thing. We know that there are people like us doing the work, but we forget that we are linked by that consciousness because we work separately.

B: it would be easier for me to get into the minds/souls/hearts of the people in the room if we had time to do ….something…. some kind of process. How do we manifest that explicitly in the room?

Let’s meditate/vision about that…share whatever comes through

B: Some one also suggested time to discuss overcoming the challenge of being viewed as a young, naïve leader.

If we were to be intentional about a really powerful alliance of leadership, what would be the keys?

Z; A real spiritual foundation…with some of the leaders I’ve interfaced with, there’s a common theme of this spiritual core. Operating from that space…you talk about spiritual rights, not just civil rights, social rights, etc. Keeping our integrity, if we acknowledge those basic spiritual rights and that’s the creed we live and abide by, then no matter what we do it comes back to that.  The progression in our consciousness…civil rights was a very long discussion…it did in a way cut other people out of that experience. Human rights is still about where you are on the planet. Spiritual rights are regardless of where you are, who you are on the planet. If this generation can cultivate those spiritual rights, we won’t even question where people are coming from and will move past judging people- these external things will cease to have precedence.

B: You’re talking about the next iteration; the right of the human being to internally develop the core values of their mind, heart and soul; everything that goes beyond the external.

**Section devoted to developing what kind of principles might go into such a body of knowledge…this group could come up with good raw material…plus networks/contacts, etc.**