Wed, August 19, 2009
Sukh Chugh

Present: Barbara Fields, Sukh Chugh

Would be up to carpooling…from costa mesa.

I’m excited; definitely lots of opportunities for networking and connecting; a few people I already know but even with them this extended period to go deeper into the growth opportunities what will come up with these people.

Just a foundation of being around all these people; amazing.

Sometimes intention is so pure but we don’t have models for running conferences, organizations….have to rely on old models for framing things. That’s how CharityFocus tries to create new models out of those intentions.

In this experience I want to make sure that the things that need to be explicit and transparent come up right away.

I think there’s a few things that BeTheCause gets noticed for: how do you build an organization that works and still embodies the principles we’re trying to create. Also, why do we serve others; why are we pulled to do that. How many modern day principles are actually looking at that? What do we get out of it and why is it healthy for us and society?

Silence should be incorporated very fully. Beginning, middle and end of the day. Even taking a moment before speaking. It makes people more mindful of what they’re saying and listening. Enhances the content.

B: It’s hard to have that before someone speaks, but maybe after. When people get excited, they jump right in…maybe we could leave space when someone’s done speaking to really soak it in.

A couple topics…

-The role of technology…Nipun would be a great person to lead that conversation. Technology is moving so fast it’s hard to know what’s coming out now that can really benefit all of us

-Role of money and how that plays into all of this. Enabler, energy, institutionalized greed?? All three could be true, but a lot of emotion wrapped up in it. Local currency…what’s working and not.

What part of our humanity must we move more into in order to support changes in a social order? It begins in an individual and their character before it becomes a part of society.

Everything we create comes from who we are as a person.

-Right now I work for a pharmaceutical co. but then with Be the Cause I never have to think about money. Sometimes we have to have double lives to support ourselves and then sustain something else.

-All kinds of social entrepreneurial models…tom’s shoes etc
-Let’s make money AND let’s do good in the world
Third factor missing: concept of harmony…is there harmony between me and my employees

I'd like to see what other people are thinking about this.

B: We not only want to have the right conversation about something that’s emergent; but also to get our minds around the actual principles that guide that field so we’re all sharing and understanding instead of presuming that we share and understand.

And to come away with what some of these principles actually mean.

A way of taking what’s already happening and gathering resources around to enhance it.