Friday, August 14, 2009
Rich Bella

Present: Barbara Fields, Kathy Hearn, Carol Carnes, Rich Bella

Please share a little to introduce yourself and how you feel about coming to this meeting:

To introduce the message in my heart would be love- different messages come though me through from this thought daily.

Background of moving around in different cities, religion to religion, constantly questioning, absorbing different materials, to the question WHY. I was 19 when I had my first child, 1995—made me question life even more. That experience put me in a situation facing hardship but made me focus to overcome the obstacles. Got married at 25, had two kids, shifts happened and complicated the relationship…hardships came out of that. We were going to a Baptist church, decided to separate. There was a tearing down of the external shell that I was…my process was writing- 300 poems in 2 months.  Started doing work with the kids, coaching, co-authored a book with Wayne Dyer, began speaking to people about overcoming challenges. Feb 2008 a good friend from high school was murdered… 3 weeks from that my cousin was murdered, same area. It was like another side of me dying. Held vigils at the house, 300 kids there every night, pastors would come…almost condemning the kids; “you need Jesus”. I had an out of body experience…talking to them…opening up the heart space. Knew something was there for me to do, not sure what at that time. Spoke at the funeral, spirit came through. In L.A. Gina and I were working together, she invited me to Agape. Wasn’t interested at first…synchronistically ran into him while running, was drawn to that energy field…that started the journey through agape.

Recently started doing multi media, music, filming, websites, PSA, Live H2O with Dr. Imoto…creativity is within us…just downloaded frequencies, no experience.

B: Everyone in this group has got the understanding that it’s not about us, it’s coming through us as a shared wisdom. It’s taken our generation a long time to solidify these understandings within us. But people are getting it fast and solid at a much earlier point in life in this generation. A sign of the changing order; spiritual understanding of being the vessel, not needing to control; those things soon to be a thing of the past. Creating a humanity that exists on love and truth and understanding rather than what we have right now.

R: When speaking at correctional facilities, I don’t change my message so that they can understand…sometimes they don’t understand the definitions but they tell me they like what they feel.


Current Work:

Individual projects: compiling poetry for a book “This is Life”, a CD that will be a poetry album with hip hop tracks. Allowing it to manifest naturally and organically…

The Painful Blessings- book series as a co-author. Stories of “from pain to gain”. Esther Adler (on transmutation site). Seeing opportunity and growth emerge from a painful experience vs. just cause and effect.

DiYartistTV with Gina  and former L.A. gang banger who shifted his life. Great producer. Reality series; life of an artist, what we do for life.

Operation Insipiration: tutorial center focusing on education, arts, media, internet, sports and fitness; stuff that they’re not getting in the public school system. Not enough expression or physical activity. Kids are acting out because there are needs not being met.

Urban league of LA…meeting once a month on issues/opportunities to see how we can support each other and create action steps to solving social issues. Mostly baby boomer ages.

Everything is a byproduct of love, so if I bring loving energy to the room, sometimes I don’t have to speak. What is the best sermon? The one that doesn’t need to be said.

What’s your impression of what’s going to be happening at this meeting?

A bunch of people my age, learning while someone is holding the space and we’re gonna allow ourselves to envision. I’m just so grateful to be a part of this and be empty, available to receive and open to allow spirit to use any tools that I have to give from that space. No attachments; whatever I’ve done up to this point has no meaning to this event; whatever emerges that day will be something new for me too.

B: It’s absolutely critical for us to come empty and fully present without expectations/predictions. Bringing framework that suggests structure but without walls. You will be with 11 other peers who came through spirit too. All of a sudden we have a gathering of these amazing people who haven’t met but are all doing their piece around the country.

What result/gift/offering would you like to take away from the meeting for yourself/the group?

To gain some really strong relationships with some amazing people doing the work, making a difference right now. To be inspired by other gifts and talents. Whatever emerges right there, channeling an energy source. Placing intention on love, what we need to do to serve. I feel this is going to be amazing event. People will have amazing things to share. Create relationships beyond this event, supporting their cause for years to come.

B: There are some pretty big names who are pioneers in the movement and opened it up to the mainstream. What’s frustrating to a lot of us is we don’t have our hands around a strategy that would allow us to coordinate and get the message our more quickly. If we can support now gen in creating that kind of strategic alliance at an earlier point, that will benefit in a lot of ways.

Time for informal performance/ creative sharing?

R: Definitely. Performance is a space of allowing spirit to flow through me. I’m new to this, but I love doing it. It would just be my voice; poetry.